Develop the skills craft, develop, and communicate the stories that engage, influence, and motivate people to take action.

You are always communicating.

It’s impossible for us to NOT be “saying” something. Regardless of your audience, they are always creating their own story based on you communication skills. This is why learning to be a more engaging, captivating, and authentic storyteller and communicator delivers such powerful results.

Storytelling is the language we use to understand the world around us — and learning how to tap into that your organization can make a huge impact.

Craft a Better Story

Most business communication is boring, ineffective, and lacks the ability to grab and keep attention. From meetings to speeches to pitches to proposals, it is time for a revolution. Learn how to shape your ideas so that people pay attention and take action.

Become a Captivating Communicator

Comfortable. Capable Confident. These are all the things you hope to be when it is your turn to present, speak, and share. Communication is the key to making an impact on the world. Through powerful communication, story, and performance techniques you will learn how to be a captivating and authentic communicator who gets results.

Create Better Together

Organization alignment and engagement are two of the biggest issues you are facing today. If your team isn’t all on the same page, you are simply wasting resources, effort, and opportunity. Story and communication give you the advantage to tip the scales in your favor. Build trust, create connection, and boost synergy.

Simplify Complex Ideas

From strategies to data, from engineers to scientists — the key to igniting action is communicating in a way that makes the complex relatable, digestible, and engaging. As a communication coach and Executive Producer of TEDxCambridge, I’ve worked with people from Harvard, MIT, Yale, NASA, and the World Economic Forum to help their big ideas create change.

I’m an economist, and it was critical for me to land my ideas with a broad audience while remaining academically sound. Mike took the time and care to help me achieve both goals, then guided me through performance prep until I could nail it on the big stage. I never could have known that I would gain so many communication and storytelling skills that I could take with me for the rest of my career–it’s an incredible gift to give someone.

—Erez Yoelim, Economist, Harvard University

Our Workshops

Every workshop is custom-designed for your group. Here are some popular options:

Lead with Story

Leadership tactics to help you create alignment, engage your team, and get big results. Walk away with the skills required to lead in an entirely new way.


Your company culture is the key to long-term results and creating the environment where great works gets done. Learn how to stop controlling the narrative and how to start fueling the kinds of stories that drive engagement.

Sell with Story

Influence your buyers to take action with engaging stories of your brand, team, and customers. Great for sales professionals, client facing teams, and anyone who needs to influence decision making.

Pitch with Story

The best idea doesn’t usually win — the best COMMUNICATED idea does. Learn how to lead pitches and proposals in a more effective way to save time, increase engagement, and quickly get alignment around your biggest priorities.

Story Experience

Your customers are telling stories about you. Do you know how to shape them? Are you leveraging them? Learn how to create the kinds of stories that people share over and over. Great for customer service teams and front-line teams.

Better Together

This interactive, improvisational theater-based workshop will have your team on their feet and learning to collaborate in an entirely new way. Based on the improv principle of “Yes, And” they will learn to connect, co-create, and innovate faster than ever before.

Executive Retreat

What are the stories that define your organization? Using powerful story and communication skills, your team will deepen personal connections, work on real problems, discover opportunities, and leave with a powerful new way to communicate strategy.

From helping me to get clear on my message to creatively assisting me in developing the content, I knew I was in good hands throughout the process. I feel more confident and comfortable with my performance, presentation, and delivery of my speech — and know that I can use these skills in the future as well.

—Larry Burbano, CEO, GRS Technology Solutions