Top Five New Books To Boost Your Business By Summer

Never Lose A Customer Again: Turn Any Sales Into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days by Joey Colemam

If there is one thing I learned in my past life as a hospitality industry executive, it was the cost of losing customers. We’d spend making time, money, and energy to get new people to try us but then find that a lot of them stopped coming back. Why? It usually isn’t because they didn’t like the product or weren’t happy with the delivery — but it’s because we hadn’t invested in the relationship beyond that first transaction.

In this book, Joey Coleman breaks down the crucial First 100 Days® of the customer relationship with his simple eight-phase methodology to help go deep on your customers’ emotional needs so that they go from passive customers to raving fans.

Whether you are a coffee shop, an airline, a banker, a solorpreneur, or one of the blue chip companies — this book has the code that will help you get long-term loyalty. I love Joey’s simple frameworks and powerful examples.

Attention Pays: How to Drive Profitability, Productivity, and Accountability by Neen James

If you know Neen James, then you know that she is a master when it comes to putting the attention in your business in the right places. In her newest book, she shows you to “unplug” from the constant barrage of disruptions and “plug in” to the tools, strategies, and mindsets that allow you to harness our attention to reach your highest potential.

I love this book because it really shows you not only how attention pays but also breaks it down into a clear who, what, and how attention can be maximized in an on-demand, 24/7 society, where distractions cost millions of people productivity, profitability, relationships and peace.

It’s time to pay attention to what matters most so you can build the team, business, and life you want.

The Performance of Medicine by Dr. Bob Baker

I know… I know. Why is a book about medicine in this post about the business books? What does a doctor have to teach us about improving the way we work? More than you think!

The patient experience has become more than a buzzword in the healthcare industry as compensation models and reputation are impacted by how patients feel about the care they receive. Dr. Bob Baker shares practical strategies and techniques that physicians and other providers can implement easily and immediately to give patients the best possible experience. What I love is how easily these ideas can be used in all kinds of industries from hospitality to accounting firms.

And — surprise! Dr. Baker interviewed me for the chapter on using improv to say “yes and” to the patient experience. So there is a little Mike in this book for you too. I even read my quotes in the audio version.

Friend of a Friend: Understanding the Hidden Networks That Can Transform Your Life and Your Career by David Burkus

I love connecting with people — but I HATE the standard networking event. You know the kind where everyone is dropping elevator pitches and looking over your shoulder to see if someone more interesting has arrived. But I feel the pressure to keep attending them in the rare case that I make a real connection. This book has given me (and you) permission to rethink networking.

In his new book, best-selling author David Burkus debunks all the same-old recommendations about networking. I loved the way he breaks down how networks actually work with real science on human connections. The case studies are fun, the ideas practical, and the networking real! I have an entirely new mindset (and approach) to nurturing my networking and creating connections that last.

This is THE book to read if your business and career depends on building powerful connections (and really what business doesn’t).

Company Culture for Dummies by … ME!

I wrote a book! It’s all about how to build the kind of cultures that engage teams, thrill customers, and create loved brands. I took everything I’ve learned, tried, and seen work in my 20-something year-long career.

The book is packed with actionable frameworks for creating strong teams, hiring, training, coaching, and creating the bedrock for a leadership legacy that rocks.

I’m so excited to get this work out in the world and in your hands! I’d be honored if you’d grab a copy — and even more excited to see how you improve your company culture using the simple ideas inside of it.

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