How to Give Better Virtual Presentations

Virtual presentations, speeches, and pitches are here to stay — at least for awhile longer, so it’s time to polish up your game. In this episode, I share four specific ways you can give a better virtual presentation.

It’s time to take your virtual presentations from “do I have to?” to “I can’t wait to deliver this one.” The same old tactics are not working like they used to when it comes to delivering a virtual talk, presentation, proposal, or pitch. 

I’ve got four quick ideas that can help you take your Zoom meeting from meh to YEAH. In this episode, I cover: 

  • How to really get their attention
  • What to do about distractions
  • How to master your vocal energy (and why this matters so much)
  • Ideas for managing the screen 

I also recommend checking out episode #27 with Caroline Goyder and episode #6 with D’Arcy Webb — two vocal coaches that I’ve interviewed in the past.

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