Saying “Hello, Fears” with Michelle Poler

Hello, Fears author and speaker Michelle Poler

Michelle Poler is one of the biggest stars in the public speaking world. Her brand is distinctive, unique, and stands out from the pack — and it all happened when she stopped worrying about pleasing everyone else, and started bringing  more of herself to her work. 

She has a new book — Hello, Fears — that can help you do the same thing. 

In this episode, we talk about public speaking, chasing your fears, how to create a remarkable brand, and what Michelle learned about the power of being herself in front of others. 

In 2015, Michelle started a project called Where she vlogged for 100 days as she conquered her fears from eating oysters to holding a cat, from skydiving to writing an honest letter to her parents. On the 100th day, she gave a speech at TEDxHouston which changed the trajectory of her life as she launched a huge brand and career as a speaker.  

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