The Power of Tiny Projects

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There are often so many small things we want to improve in our business. Maybe it’s refreshing some photos on the website, polishing up some of the words on your “About” page, or updating your media kit. In this episode, I’ll share why Tiny Projects that can be done in 3-5 days are a great way to think about these tasks, as well as a bunch of ideas for Tiny Projects for public speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs.

In this episode, I discuss the power of tiny projects, and I’ve got a couple of ideas of tiny projects that you can probably tackle in three to five days with a little bit of minimal effort and might make you feel good about getting stuff done.

I need some tiny projects. I need some quick wins, some short little look at what I did this week moments.

There’s time just maybe to do some smaller spreads to lay off the need to be so damn productive and instead do some fun things that feel good. I also think that the whole goal right now is that maybe we should be creation and creating things.

A few tiny projects from the episode:

  1. Update your “About” page on your website
  2. Create (or update) your event planner or media kit that you send out when you book a gig or schedule a podcast/TV interview
  3. Create an intro video for your website
  4. Update your email sign-up nurture sequence

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