The Prison of Realistic Thinking

Photo by Benjamin Sow on Unsplash

You find yourself reevaluating your previously “unrealistic” thoughts there days?

It feels like this space of alternate reality we are living in is giving a bunch of us some room to rethink what we are doing, want to be doing, and how if we have to rebuild after this slow down (or complete halt), then why not go bigger?

Remember those times you told yourself (or were told by others) that you should think realistically? That your big dream was unrealistic? That you should be practical?

It’s a prison — the prison of thinking realistically.

It traps you.

In a class study at Harvard during the 60’s, teachers were that told that certain (randomly selected) students were smarter — those kids ended up doing better.


Maybe it’s because when we believe in someone (or something) they (or it) generally do better.

Research shows that we treat them better, we provide them more feedback, we nurture them because it feels like a better spend of our time, and we push opportunities their way.

It feels like the same thing can be true of our big dreams, wild plans, and desired future.

There are benefits in allowing ourselves to think unrealistically. There is power in telling ourselves the most positive things about ourselves. There is grit in speaking our biggest ideas aloud as if they are destined to be true.

What’s an unrealistic thing you are gonna make happen?

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