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Master Your Stories

Discover the 5 stories your ideal clients need to hear (and how to tell them like a boss)!

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    I wanted to communicate my value and my service in an engaging, exciting way. Working with Mike on how to pursue this new endeavor was impactful, rewarding, and actually super fun. He truly helps to demystify the process and has the gift of making complex things seem do-able. He made me feel capable and that I could actually be a captivating communicator.

    Shannon O'Dowd

    Los Angeles, CA

    What you get:

    • A deep dive into the 5 stories
    • Prompts for each type of story to help you uncover the story gold you've been sitting on
    • A simple framework to tell you stories
    • Ideas for where to tell you story for maximum impact and outreach

    Here is when you should be using a story:

    • Public speaking
    • Presentations
    • Proposals
    • Sales conversations
    • Customer service and support
    • Conversations with employees
    • Fundraising and investor relations
    • Marketing your brand or service
    • To ignite your team into action
    • Employer branding to snag some top talent
    • Company events and announcements
    • Product launches
    • New Hire Orientation, values, vision, mission, leadership
    • Videos about your brand, product, customers
    • Podcasts and interviews

    What is it all about?

    We all tell stories. Information alone has never moved people to action. The stories associated with it do. Stories are the ultimate vessel for inspiring action, creating connection, and engaging your audience. You should be telling better stories. You can be a great storyteller if you know how. I know how. I’ll help you.

    Here is what a good story can do:

    • Help you ideal customers imagine themselves working with you
    • Attract the right kind of people to your brand
    • Make top talent beg to work with you
    • Inspire others to take action and make things happen
    • Get investors to fight over the chance to work with you
    • Keep partners tuned in, turned on, and fired up about collaborating
    • Grab the attention of the media
    • Make the world a better place