#mikedropmoments from the 2019 Grammy’s

The 2019 Grammy’s will go down in history herstory as the year the women reigned. Throughout the evening, nearly every #mikedropmoment went to a female artist. From Miley’s boss performance on Shawn Mendes’ song to Dolly and Diana — the women ruled the 2019 Grammy’s.

While Grammy President Neil Portnow advised women to step up at the 2018 telecast, I don’t think he realized it was actually the Grammy’s that needed to step up. Only one woman accepted an award at the 2018 show.

Well the 61st Grammy’s stepped up indeed in honoring women artists — and woman delivered an evening of #mikedropmoments.

Here are my top #mikedropmoments.

  1. Brandi Carlile. I don’t know what to say except she turned the Beverly Hills Hilton into a church this Sunday evening with her performance of “The Joke.”Emotional. Raw. Real.
  2. The only person who could channel Prince and still be uniquely here is Janelle Monae. Her flawless performance of “Make Me Feel” from her last album served us impeccable Prince mixed with some old school Janet Jackson all in a supremely Janelle package.
  3. Kacey Musgraves’ performance of Rainbow was the most stripped down performance of the night. Just her vocals and her piano to create the foundation for a song that reminds us that the weight on our shoulders will lift. Her progressive swinging album went on to win Album of the Year.
  4. Cardi B’s emotionally honest award acceptance and nod to the efforts of pregnant working mom’s everywhere. She is the first solo woman to win the Best Rap Album honor.
  5. One of the biggest #mikedropmoments wasn’t even from a musical artists. Michelle Obama made an appearance with a message about music, power, and community which got everyone on their feet.

In a night that simple delighted with #mikedropmoments, I’m sure I missed your favorite. What did you love the most?

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