The Best Inbound Speakers 2019

For marketers and content mavens, every Inbound seasons brings the thunder. From main stage celebrity acts — like Chelsea Handler, Janelle Monáe, and Elizabeth Gilbert — to HubSpot heroes —like Dharmesh Shah.

It’s a no brainer when it comes to deciding who to see on the mainstages, the evening events, and for the big keynotes.

But what about the breakouts? How do you decide who will bring the thunder? How is guaranteed to deliver a #mikedropmoment?

Don’t worry — I’ve got you, babe.

I’ve personally seen all of these people speak — and can vouch for the awesomesauce they will provide. Run — don’t walk to check them out.

Michael Barber — when you are ready to do something with email marketing that actually works, listen to Michael. He is entertaining, engaging, and so damn smart. Every single time I read a boring, unqualified, or irrelevant email — I whisper (and sometimes scream) CALL MICHAEL BARBER. Or at least go check out his Inbound talk.

Kathy Klotz-Guest — she makes me laugh, she makes me think, and she makes me a better marketer. You can do it all, too. Check out this session for some ideas on how to use humor as a strategic weapon. There is a reason that funny makes money — Kathy will show you how.

Laura Gassner Otting — if you are alive and at Inbound, you need to be in this session. Laura is the only leadership guru (I know she would hate me calling her that) that you need. When I feel lost, I turn to her book, Limitless. Lucky you — you can experience it live.

Marcus Sheridan — Content! Content! Content! It seems that is all we ever here. But what actually works? Marcus will break it all down in a fun, engaging, and practical way. You might even scream AMEN at the end. He is that good.

Carole Mahoney — Sales leadership — pay attention! I’ve seen so many people move into sales management roles only to be eaten alive by their new charge. Carole is the one I send them to to figure out how to thrive, not just surive int his new role.

Kate O’Neill — 🎶I like big brains, and I can not lie 🎶 Kate is one the smartest smarty pants I know — and she is really good at breaking it all down for the rest of us. As the world becomes more technological, I turn to Kate to make sure I am still making meaningful connections. You’d be wise to do the same.

Anese Cavanaugh — You know those friends who are equal part business savant and life coaching geniuses? That’s Anese Cavanaugh. She is real. She is impactful. She will change your leadership game in 45 minutes — I guarantee it. Also — I got an advance release of her new book. WOW!

Ryan Deiss — I typically tune out when anyone starts spouting intel on how to become an authority or known expert — but I turn up the dial and pay attention when it is Ryan. He will help you get your customers to “lick” your brand — seriously, you are gonna want that.

Tony Chatman — It ain’t all about the marketing analytics. Every organization should exist to help make the world a better place — and that doesn’t happen without inclusion. Tony will show you what’s up and how to create a culture that thrives.

Shane Feldman — As a storytelling and presentation coach, I love Shane’s “PowerPointLESS” approach. As a leader, I love this fresh take on connecting and building relationships at work. If you believe business is about community, then Shane is the guy to check out.

Carmen Simon — Here’s the hard truth. None of your marketing matters, if your audience can’t remember it. One of the most influential books in my speaking career has been Carmen’s “Impossible to Ignore” which broke down exactly how to get people to remember my content, take action, and actually improve their business. Her session at Inbound is going to be a new classic — so don’t miss it.

Denise Jacobs — When I first met Denise, I think the early 00’s Savage Garden song “I Knew I Loved You” started playing. You know the one that says “I knew I loved you before I met you?” I’d seen her videos, read her book, and followed her social. Then I saw her speak. If you want to bring out the creative genius on your team, then Denise is the one you need to meet.

Tamsen Webster — Since I can’t be her, I’m damn happy I know her. Tamsen is the queen of making sure your audience is ready to say “yes” to your idea. She has helped usher some of the biggest ideas to the biggest stages — and I’m so happy to work with her as we produce TEDxCambridge. Bring a pen and several notepads — she is gonna blow your mind.

So — enjoy Inbound! Give all the standing ovations. Clap often. Laugh a lot.

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