Daily Opportunities to Use a Great Story

I’m betting you realize that telling a story is a powerful way to help your employees, prospects, customers, investors, partners — pretty much anyone — understand the value in taking action. Stories can be used in all kinds of settings where you are trying to move people toward something, or away from something, or to understand something, or to create something.

But then you sit down and think “is this when I should use a story” or “should one go there?” The answer is probably both.

But here is a short-list of 14 storytelling opportunities that you probably experience every day:

Delivering a Keynote Speech

Leading a Workshop

In a sales conversation

Brand marketing


Team meeting to inspire action

Company event

Defining your product vision

New hire orientation to share company vision, values, and history

Case studies about your clients

Being interviewed on podcast and TV

Videos about your brand, product, framework, or customers

Trying to get people on board with a new way of doing things

To bring a group of people together

So, where can you use more stories in your communication to drive results, increase engagement, and motivate change?

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