Get personalized support to develop a compelling narrative that connects, engages, and inspires action.

It’s time to get clear on your story so you can become an engaging communicator.

Why choose private coaching

When the stakes are high and your communication matters most, it’s time to get clear on the story you create.

If you have to deliver complex ideas, data-heavy research, or detailed scientific ideas — then you need to craft a communication plan to help the ideas land.

I’ve worked with executives, finance professionals, Harvard MDs, Economists from MIT, and pretty much every other professional responsible for communicating big ideas. I can help you too.

  • Keynote presentation
  • TEDx Talk
  • Executive communications
  • Organizational stories

Working with Mike made a big difference in the design and delivery of my speech. Mike is a great listener, a thoughtful challenger, a resourceful adviser, and on top big fun to work with. Thanks a million for everything!

—Sebastian Buckup, Head of Programming at World Economic Forum; Visiting Professor, University of Geneva

How Private Coaching Works

Unlock the secrets to being a magnetic communicator across a broad range of industries, audiences, and events. Learn what stories you should be telling and how to do it for maximum impact with humor, clarity, emotion, and influence.

We will create a supportive and focused environment to help uncover your core communication skills.

You will learn practical, impactful frameworks that can be used across your communications in any environment.

Develop the delivery skills that will help you connect with any audience in an authentic, engaging way.

Mike Ganino is an extremely talented & effective Speaking Coach. He has the uncanny ability to make even the most technical subject matter appear relatable to and digestible for audiences of all backgrounds. He helped me refine my content to deliver a message that was both entertaining and informative. By getting creative and injecting humor in the very technical topic of Artificial Intelligence, Mike helped me deliver a performance like never before. It is admirable how deeply he invests himself in the success of each of his clients and can work wonders with a wide spectrum of topics.

—Samrah Kazmi, Senior Principal Consultant, Risk & Finance Advisory SAS

Individualized Coaching Options

We will work together to develop a custom plan for you.

Sometimes this is simply a few sessions to uncover your post powerful communication opportunities.

Other times we will work together to develop your presentation and then rehearse to develop captivating communication skills.

Frequently executives will work with me on an on-going basis to become the kinds of communicators who consistently get results (and sometimes standing ovations).

There are two kinds of companies, those that have worked with Mike and those who need to. Using some of the techniques Mike taught me – I was able to facilitate a solution to a problem my company had struggled with for 5 years in one 10 minute meeting!!! Mike made such an impact on me personally that I’ve changed how I lead my management team and they are happier, more productive and much more connected to each other for it! Thanks Mike Ganino!

—Kathleen Clem, President, Engage, LLC