it's time to captivate your audience

tired of feeling like you ramble on and on when you hit "record" or "go live?"

feel like you're missing out on connecting with your audience because you get so nervous on camera?

ready to learn the strategies to help you shine on camera for your webinars, your livestreams, and your videos?

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captivate on camera

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why is being in front of the camera so hard and awkward?

and why do i hate the way I sound and look so much?

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so, how will you learn to captivate on camera?

here's what i've got planned for our training!

  • learn how to master your presence so you shine in the spotlight
  • how to write scripts and outlines so you sound natural while engaging your viewers
  • learn the secrets at keeping your audience's attention
  • get my PDA checklist (what to do pre, during, and after being on camera)
  • discover the secrets of HOLLYWOOD to polish up your videos and livestreams
  • become confident and authentic on camera
  • how to create a simple, attractive set for your videos
  • discover a repeatable recipe that allows you to shine when you hit record
  • you'll leave with a roadmap for the next 90 days to help you captivate on camera

meet mike.

Mike Ganino is a storytelling + communication expert who hosts The Mike Drop Moment podcast. He is an author, the Executive Producer of TEDxCambridge and has been named a top 30 Culture Speaker by Global Guru. He teaches storytelling, presence, and public speaking to some of the biggest names and brands. He's a trained actor and coach from the World Famous Second City, Improv Olympics, and Upright Citizen's Brigade. In addition to his track record as an executive in the hotel, restaurant, retail, and tech industries, Mike’s worked with organizations like the Disney, American Marketing Association, and Uber.

captivate on camera is perfect for you if...


you webinar

it seems everywhere you turn there is a webinar these days, and you used to be able to just speak over the top of slide -- but now that everyone is doing it, what used to work doesn't work anymore. i'll show you what to do instead to stand out.


you social media

from livestreams to stories, from tiktok to reels, from linkedin to youtube -- the world is obsessed with video content. your clients, customers, and audience are watching -- how are you showing up in their feed?


you virtual event

when we first started quarantining, my entire speaking business disappeared. but it's picked up in a BIG way the last few months. there are big opportunities for people who know how to show up and captivate during virtual conferences and online summits.


you video

maybe it's for a course. maybe it's for your website. maybe it's just because you realize that when you show up on video it creates more engagement and connection. i'll help you get more comfortable on camera (and give you a few scripts for the videos I think all entrepreneurs should be sharing).


you need to influence and impact

and here's the real reason why any of this matters -- you have something to say. you want to impact your audience. you want to change the way the think. it's time to start a movement (or at least get your idea spreading like wildfire). it's time to captivate on camera.

you might hate this training if...

you don't like to have fun

we can take our work and our connection the the audience seriously without taking ourselves too seriously, so this training will be fun and playful

you never need to engage on-camera

i mean, the name of the training is "captivate on camera" so if you never need to be on camera because you work alone, don't need to engage new or current customers on video, or have created a really slick robot to be your stand in

isn't it time for your spotlight?

Join Captivate on Camera and discover everything you need to make an impact, engage your audience, and find your #mikedropmoment.

ready to take the spotlight?


how long is training?

this training is a short training meant to focus on getting you in front of the camera and connecting with your audience. it includes about 3 hours of video content broken into small digestible chunks and action items.

you will be able to put your new skills into action right away, and you will have the resources to put a longer term on-camera plan together. .

what's the cost?

it's $197 and includes everything you need to create captivating videos.

ready to captivate on camera?

Join Captivate on Camera and discover everything you need to make an impact, engage your audience, and find your #mikedropmoment.