Story can be so transformative, a good one can take your audience’s perception of you from meh to an obsession. Do you know what story you’re telling right now?

Imagine having your pick of the best employees who all fit in effortlessly with your culture—without spending thousands on recruiters. Imagine customers so obsessed with your company that they will buy anything you sell and can’t wait to give your their money—simply because they connect with your unique and magnetic story.

Imagine being so confident in your unique assets that you ace job interviews and have your pick of opportunities—because you’ve developed a captivating personal story. Imagine being able to create a work environment that is both wildly productive and ridiculously fun—all because your team is inspired and fulfilled.

If these sound like dream scenarios, it’s not out of reach for you. I can you help you organize, design, and deliver your message to elevate your career, your team, your company, or your brand.

Let’s rewrite your story to make you magnetic.


Energetic & inspiring keynotes to align your team so they can share your story with the world.

“Mike was like a shot of caffeine for our event. His energy and message kept our team engaged and ready to learn more. He sets the tone for a positive and impactful event. I’ve seen a lot of speakers and Mike stands out as one of the best.”

Chris Webb, CEO, ChowNow


Bring your team together to help learn to communicate with impact, influence, and inspiration.

“Mike got the team re-energized and focused. He is very enthusiastic and engaging. He speaks in a way that everyone can understand. You walk away with really tangible things to focus on and think about in order to grow.”

Liz Brumm, Chief of Staff, Cooper’s Hawk Winery


Get individualized support to uncover, craft, and tell the stories that drive big results.

“Mike really cares about you and your talk. And that means he holds you to an invigoratingly high standard! He believed, and so I believed that my talk could be transformative. He helped me to infuse my talk with the humanity, humor and accessibility that it needed to truly resonate with the audience.”

Dr. Amanda Crowell

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Ready to share the kinds of stories they’ll never forget?

Grab this guide to take your communication to the next level for engagement, influence, and impact.

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