Fall Reading List

Five Books to Read this Fall

It’s Fall – that unmistakable time of year when the yellow busses start to hit the streets, the leaves start to turn yellow, and people in UGG boots start to go crazy for Pumpkin Spice everything. 

As the weather cools and the days shorten, I find myself wanting to nest with a good book. Lucky for us — there are five great new books you should add to your must-read list this Fall. 

Think. Do. Say by Ron Tite

It seems you can barely get out of bed these days without getting “pitch slapped” by an overzealous brand that promises the world and delivers a busted road map in its place. So if you are an entrepreneur or marketer that actually CAN deliver the goods — how do you stand out in a world of snakeoil shops? Ron Tite has more than a few ideas in his new book, Think Do Say: How to seize attention and build trust in a busy, busy world. Not only is the writing fresh, funny, and fantastic but the suggestions are actionable, practical, and doable. Read this book to stand out. 

Stories that Stick from Kindra Hall

In the final chapters of Ron’s book, he covers brand storytelling which is kind of the perfect segway to Kindra Hall’s new book, Stories that Stick. Kindra is not only the Queen of storytelling but also one of it’s best teachers. This book breaks down the art AND science of storytelling so you can leverage it to stand out with the four types of stories she will show you to leverage. In a world inundated with data, information, and half-truths, Kindra helps you leverage the power of story to stand out, influence your customers, and create a message that sticks. 

How to be an Antiraicst by Ibram X Kendi

I find myself asking deep questions about the world these days when it comes to race, power, and how to create a better world. In Ibram Kendi’s book, he uses history, law, science, ethics, and real life storytelling to create an arugment for how to be antiracist in the modern world. Whether at work, at home, on the street, in the halls of politics, or in media — we are all responsible for educating ourselves so we can do better. This book is a great starting point. 

Over the Top from Jonathan Van Ness

If Ibram X Kendi’s book charges us to think harder about race, Jonathan Van Ness’ new book, Over the Top, uses his story to open our eyes about loving ourselves in a world that doesn’t alway make it easy. Told in the same engaging way he communicates on Netflix’s Queer Eye and his Emmy-award-winning series, Gay of Thrones, JVN (as he is called by fans) breaks down the stereotypes, barriers, and breakthroughs of growing up queer in a world that doesn’t always making it easy to love yourself. 

Contagious You by Anese Cavanaugh 

To round out the Fall reading season, there is nothing better than Anese Cavanaugh’s second book in the contagious series, Contagious You. In this book, she breaks down how they way we show up impacts the environments we are in — at work, at school, and pretty much everywhere else we bring ourselves. Her method for managing our own energy so we can more positively make the impact we want is something I use everyday — and I wish I could make this required reading for all the people I interact with daily. 

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