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We’ve all been there – a conference with an irrelevant keynote speech, panel interviews that feel more like police drama interrogations, and the painful-to-experience assault of poorly executed Powerpoints. The time, the money, the energy that goes into planning and executing these events is all but thrown away.

There's a better way to create connection, foster communication, enhance engagement, and unleash innovation.

The unconference is gaining popularity with forward-thinking organizations, teams, and associations. 

At an unconference, the attendees create their own experience. There are no keynote speakers, no pre-arranged panels, and often no specific topics mandated. Instead, the attendees work with a skilled facilitator to create a space that fosters creativity and problem solving. It's an in-the-moment approach that helps to design breakout sessions, discussions, and creative exploration of ideas.

If you are thinking there is a better way to "conference" -- then you came to the right place.

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Unconferencing is the ultimate format for creating engagement, fostering culture, and exploring new ways of working together. 

The most powerful experiences are heavy on conversation, problem discovery and exploration, and collaboration. Unconferences done well allow teams and organizations to work together in a completely new way. 


unconference keynote speaker


You need a collaborative and engaging facilitator to help make the event a success. Being able to create structure on the fly while allowing the participants room to explore is the key to a successful unconference. 

Mike is a skilled facilitator and leader with a background in improvisational theater (Second City, Upright Citizen's Brigade) and event design (ChowNow, Uber). During the event, Mike will help create a smooth and engaging experience that boosts collaboration, creativity, and connection. 



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We will kick-off with a quick call to understand your goals for the event and defining what would make it a wickedly successfully experience for your organization. 

Then we will talk about Mike's 4-Step Experience Design Process to help you craft the unconference of your dreams. 


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