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Culture Kitchen Confidential: Secret Recipes for Building a Great Brand

In this dynamic keynote speech, I show you how to create a workplace that is fun, fresh, innovative and profitable that will have your employees fired-up to go to work, the competition clamoring to steal your secret sauce and your customers coming back for more.

Your company culture is the heart of your business. Yet culture has been reduced to a stale mission statement buried deep inside your employee handbook.

The truth is, your company’s culture is the ecosystem that drives profits, results and customer loyalty. It’s what makes your business thrive.

Today’s leaders are called to curate and cultivate the kind of workplace where people come first. 

I toss conventional wisdom aside with new research and case studies from globally-recognized brands to modest mom-and-pops that sets the stage for why culture is the most important ingredient of your business.

This keynote gives fun, practical recipes to help you unleash the power of your teams, smash through the status quo, and create an unforgettable brand. 

If you’re looking to hire a dynamic, engaging, and educational speaker, I’m your guy. Here’s what you can expect from me:

  • Prompt, professional replies to your phone calls and emails as we prepare for your event
  • A personal phone consult with me and your team prior to your event so that I can understand how to serve you and your audience best
  • A professionally prepared, energetic presentation designed to deliver an information-rich learning experience for your audience

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Upcoming Events

International Council Shopping Centers: Next Gen Conference

Speaker: Disruption: The Art of Creating a Next Gen Breakthrough
Los Angeles, CA | July 24 – 25 2016

North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Expo

Speaker: Culture Kitchen: Recipes for Building a Great Brand
Raleigh, NC | August 29 – 30 2016

Virginia Restaurant & Lodging Expo

Speaker: Culture Kitchen: Recipes for Building a Great Brand
Richmond, VA | October 24-25 2016

Heroic Public Speaking Live with Michael Port

Improv + Performance Instructor
Ft Lauderdale, FL | October 31 – November 2 2016

Past Events

Here’s a list of events I’ve had a pleasure of speaking at in the past:

PeopleMatter Collaborate Conference

Speaker: Culture Kitchen: Recipes for Building a Great Brand
Charleston, SC | May 4 2016

QSR Magazine: Webinar

Panel: Fast Casual 2.0
Jan 7 2016

American Marketing Association: New Orleans

Keynote: Culture Kitchen–Recipes for Building a Great Brand
New Orleans, LA | Jan 14 2016

ChowNow + UberRUSH Launch Event: Chicago

Keynote: Evolution of Restaurant Delivery: From Ox&Cart to Drone Drops
Chicago, IL | Feb 2 2016

U.S. Foods Epicurean Event
Speaker: Digital Dining – Engaging Your Guests and Team Online
August 2015
Locations in: Orange County, Los Angeles, Van Nuys

Speaker: The Life of a Restaurateur
June 2015, July 2015, August 2015
Los Angeles, CA

EatUp Chicago
Panel Moderator: Social Restaurant – Tips for Growing Your Brand
June 2015
Chicago, IL

Pressed Juicery Headquarters
Speaker: The Art of Retail Management
July 2015
Santa Monica, CA

Pressed Juicery Los Angeles Market

Speaker: Leadership Summit
May 2015
Los Angeles, CA

Pressed Juicery San Francisco Market
Speaker: Leadership Summit
June 2015
San Francisco, CA