It's time to ditch the pitch.

To thrive in sales today, you've got to connect, engage, and build trust in a buyer-centric world. 


Book more business? Increase rep productivity? Boost customer engagement? 

I've got ya covered. 


Improv Sales Training

Selling is the ultimate use of improvisational communication skills -- from connecting with informed buyers, to listening for real needs, to responding to objections. Today's salesperson needs to master the art of being in the moment, setting the context, and co-creating a shared vision with buyers. 

The communication skills required to do that are closely inline with those required in improvisational theater -- listen, be present, say yes, make contributions, use everything, and craft impactful stories. 

In this interactive and engaging presentation, Mike will show your audience how to: 

  • Listen to, collaborate with, and storytell for the buyer to generate authentic desire and emotion
  • Drop the pitch and lose the agenda to create engaging conversations
  • Bring data and benefits to life with concise and moving stories
  • Create a transformation that inspires customer action

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This Isn't Your grandpa's sales training




I'm Mike Ganino -- an engagement and experience geek who helps companies with agility, engagement, collaboration, and customer experience using the power of story, improvisation, and authentic communication. 


If that sounds like something you're interested in, then let's do this.


I can speak to groups in an interactive and engaging way. 


I can run a MasterClass with your team to dive deep and turn sales training into sales learning. 


Let's create a radical sales culture. 


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