Testimonials and Reviews 

What's it like to work with Mike? 


"Mike is smart, energetic and entertaining.

He knows how to engage a large group of strangers and turn them into a tribe in a short space of time.

Peter Harrison, President and CEO, Snagajob

Jenny Lewandowski, Conference Coordinator, PeopleMatter

"Mike takes keynote speaking to the next level. He kicked off our annual customer conference, Collaborate ’16, and not only brought his wealth of expertise, energy and enthusiasm, but also actionable advice that our attendees could take home with them to start improving their business immediately. Mike even sent a promo video a few weeks before the event…something we had not even discussed! Our attendees loved him, and as the event organizer, I enjoyed every moment of working with Mike."

Jenny Lewandowski, Conference Coordinator, PeopleMatter


"There is a halo around him when he performs. It’s inspirational and exciting."

Aly Isdaner, Chief of Staff, ChowNow


"Mike em-ceed our customer event in Charleston, HourMinds.

I had never worked with an emcee before and was so impressed with how much he blended it with our team vs. seeming like someone from the outside.

He brought incredible energy to the stage, the presentations, and most importantly the audience which is something we could not have done as well ourselves."

Jocelyn Mangan, COO, Snagajob


“Mike knows how to put on a show.

He knows how to educate in a way that leaves people feeling excited and ready to take on the world.

Analisa Terenzio, Director of Marketing, Roti Mediterranean Market


"Mike is a fantastic, captivating speaker! He has an incredible ability to relate to the crowd, get them comfortable, and engage directly as if it were a one-on-one conversation."

Alex Fishman, Talent Acquisition Manager, Cooper’s Hawk Winery


"Mike has an ability to bring the best out of each person. He finds the potential and gives you the expectations, tools, resources, and support that allow you to excel. Thanks Mike!"

Scott Gregerson, Owner, Jet’s Pizza


"Mike got the team re-energized and focused. He is very enthusiastic and engaging. He speaks in a way that everyone can understand. You walk away with really tangible things to focus on and think about in order to grow"

Liz Brumm, Chief of Staff, Cooper’s Hawk Restaurant and Winery


Mike is a phenomenal speaker and teacher. He captivates his audience and makes them excited about their jobs!

Corie King, Field Marketing Manager, Noodle’s & Company


"His tireless work ethic and charisma make him the ideal leader and teacher in almost any situation. He always has great advice to lend, and if he’s teaching you something, it feels more like a fun chat than a regular lecture. If Mike is in the room, you are naturally drawn to his positive energy and want to be a part of whatever Mike is doing."

Krysta Fox, Director of Operations, Pet Retail

He is a great teacher; extremely thoughtful, giving and kind, devoting his entire presence to contributing to his team and the project at hand. I am truly grateful everyday to be blessed with the generous wisdom, vast knowledge, immense skill, boundless inspiration and magnetic energy force that is Mike Ganino! Mike has guided me to develop skills and perspective that will help me create tremendous abundance.

Ashley Sheeran, Strategic Partnerships, Steelhouse

  • He made it fun, instructional, and memorable. 
    • Katherine Duncan, Owner, Katherine Anne’s Confections
  • The management team knew we needed a consistent, functional, sustainable training program but we lacked the expertise to develop and deploy it. Mike brought that. He changed the way we worked together because of his energy and enthusiasm.  I’d work with him again in a heartbeat.
    • Mary Davenport, Conference Coordinator
  • Mike knows how to put on a show. He knows how to educate in a way that leaves people feeling excited and ready to take on the world.
    • Analisa Terenzio, Director of Marketing, Roti Mediterranean Market
  • I carry a notebook full of quotes and key-learnings from  Mike, and I credit him in many ways for the leader that I have become today.
    • Matthew Nicholson, District Sales Manager, Bloomingdale’s
  • Mike is a guy who sets a vision, plans the way to get there and leads the team to make it happen.
    • Emily Thoma, Performance Manager, Jones Lang LaSalle
  • A great trainer that everyone loved.
    • Jenny Ton, Talent Scout, Fifth Third Bank
  • He is adept at creating relationships cross-departmentally. His energy and enthusiasm for his job are infectious.
    • Janet Nowlin, Marketing, Potbelly Sandwich Shop
  • Dynamic, strategic, creative, engaging, effective and passionate.
    • Terri Thomas, Student Services Advisor, University of Southern California

"Get this guy at your event as soon as you can. He pulls people in with his easy style, wit, and grace. From your front line to your leadership team, Mike can help you transform your culture, create “moments” for your customers, and energize your team. He is one of the most engaging speakers I’ve seen."

Lisa Cummings, Owner