You want to create. You want to build, develop, and design the future.

But first, you need to communicate your ideas.

Public speaking, presentation, and storytelling skills are not just nice-to-haves -- they are the code that helps you get your projects greenlit and your ideas heard.

You’ve worked hard to get to this stage of your career. It’s time to develop the communication skills to take the next one. 

To thrive in business, you've got to connect, engage, and build trust...

Whether moving your product in a new direction, communicating a next-level solution to a bug, or challenging the status quo. You've got to communicate first. 

I've got ya covered. 


You are the best. You've got the skills, the knowledge, and the experience. Now it's time to communicate it all so the world can see it too. 

Public speaking and presentation skills aren't just about taking the stage at a big conference. You are presenting yourself everyday -- from meetings to pitches, from interviews to project updates, from product launches to networking. Strong presentation and speaking skills inspire confidence & put your expertise center stage.

Being able to speak in an engaging and confident way is they key to standing out from the crowd and moving your career & business forward. As competition increases, communication skills become more essential in demonstrating value to an employer, manager, or your team.

Public Speaking Coach

This Isn't Your grandpa's Public Speaking Training




Once you have the opportunity to the stage, it's time to shine so you can influence your audience. Public speaking doesn't have to be hard -- and it's not all about "what to do with your hands." Boost your communication skills to: 

- Create rockstar work presentations by getting specific feedback and guidance from a world class coach

- Be 100% ready for your next “big presentation” in your organization or at conferences

- Open new career opportunities by overcoming your speaking fears and anxieties

- Prepare for a leadership position with enhanced communication skills

I'm Mike Ganino -- an public speaking and engagement coach who helps professionals, leaders, and experts take their performance to the next level. He is the Head Performance Coach at TEDX Cambridge -- one of the hardest TEDX stages to get into. 

You'll learn: 

*How to take complex engineering and product subjects and make them understandable and memorable

*How to avoid the most common presentation, storytelling, and public speaking mistakes

*How to use Keynote/PowerPoint and other resources more effectively

*How to speak to non-technical audiences

*How to be confident and commanding at all aspects of Public Speaking

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Tedx Speaker Coach
Public Speaking Coach

Want your audience to feel like

this when you finish speaking? 

How We Can Work Together to Improve Your Speaking

  • One-on-One Skype Coaching

    • Easy and convenient -- train from your office or home
    • Recorded for future viewing
    • Get the content, delivery, and improv skills to excel
  • Half-day one-on-one Coaching

    • Deep dive, fine tuning
    • Great for pre-event prep
    • In-person training 
    • Content development, rehearsal, performance coaching
  • Full Day fine tuning session

    • Extended & focused 
    • Great for pre-event prep
    • In-person training 
    • Content development, rehearsal, performance coaching
    • Improve speaking, networking, content, and storytelling
  • Extended experience

    • Combine a few of the options above to develop your signature keynote 
    • On-going coaching for frequent speakers
    • Overall speaking coaching for personal brand development
  • Training for your team or organization

    • Available in half-day, full-day, or two-day formats
    • Improve speaking, networking, content, and storytelling
    • Extended format and blended packages for maximum impact (live in-person training followed with individualized one-on-one coaching)

Let's talk!