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Company Culture For Dummies --  May 8, 2018

Organizations around the world are fighting every day for the best employees, the most loyal customers, and the most favorable brand reputation. Central to each of these targets is a great company culture, just like those at places like Google, Wegman's and Southwest Airlines. Packed with exercises and examples, this book will help you define your mission and vision, become an inspiring leader, develop a strategy for attracting great talent, boost collaboration and communications, and create an engaged workforce. This is the book you want to keep close as you define, expand, and enhance your unique company culture.

Become the kind of leader that inspires, shapes, and boosts company culture

Use company culture to increase sales, profit margins, and brand reputation

Encourage a collaborative, feedback-rich culture

Retain and develop employees while attracting top talent to your team

Mike has practical, actionable tips for building a best-in-class company culture. He shares his
frameworks for communication, performance, and relationship-building at work in an engaging, energetic way that audiences love.
— Michael Port -- Founder, Heroic Public Speaking NY Times and WSJ bestselling author of Steal the Show
Michael Port

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About Mike Ganino

Mike Ganino is retained worldwide as a keynote speaker, trainer, and consultant, helping leaders, experts, and teams find the stories  that engage teams, wows audiences, thrill customers, and increases influence and impact. A former hospitality and tech industry executive, Mike has also helped develop and craft powerful stories in industries as diverse as real estate, manufacturing, hotel and restaurant, travel, and banking. He is a performance and storytelling coach with Heroic Public Speaking and Head Performance Coach for TEDx Cambridge.

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