2016 Michigan Restaurant Show

A special message for Amanda and the Planning Committee

A keynote to help hospitality businesses win

As conference organizers, you want to make a great choice. You want someone with credibility. Someone who can entertain and provide your attendees with useful, actionable content. And someone who will be easy to work with.

The goal for this year's event is to focus on education and actionable content that hospitality businesses can take back to the their teams. 

In his dynamic keynote speech, I'll shows your audience how to create a workplace that is fun, fresh, innovative and profitable that will have employees fired-up to go to work, the competition clamoring to steal your secret sauce and your customers coming back for more.

The company culture is the heart of your business. Yet culture has been reduced to a stale mission statement buried deep inside your employee handbook.

The truth is, company culture is the ecosystem that drives profits, results and customer loyalty. It’s what makes the business thrive.

Today’s leaders are called to curate and cultivate the kind of workplace where people come first.

We will toss conventional wisdom aside with new research and case studies from globally-recognized brands to modest mom-and-pops that sets the stage for why culture is the most important ingredient of your business. 

This keynote gives fun, practical recipes to help you unleash the power of your teams, smash through the status quo, and create an unforgettable brand.

Because I know the importance of reinforcement and support, I've included all of the following in my keynote package: 

  • Post-conference webinar 
  • Pre-conference video
  • Post-conference follow-up video
  • Article for your newsletter/blog

So call me maybe? 

Send me an email: mike@mikeganino.com

Give me a call: 310-601-6155


  • Get this guy at your event as soon as you can. He brings depth and wisdom as a seasoned exec. Instead of flaunting his experiences, he pulls people in with his easy style, wit, and grace. From your front line to your leadership team, Mike can help you transform your culture, create "moments" for your customers, and energize your team. He is one of the most engaging speakers I've seen                                                                           Lisa Cummings
  • Mike got the team re-energized and focused. He is very enthusiastic and engaging. He speaks in a way that everyone can understand. You walk away with really tangible things to focus on and think about in order to grow Liz Brumm -- Chief of Staff, Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant