"Our attendees loved him,"

Jenny L -- Event Planner, Snagajob

"One of the most engaging speakers I've seen"

 Lisa Cummings

Organizations are looking for the secret sauce to engaged employees, bottom-line results, and thrilled customers.

Mike helps them get it. 


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My workshops show you how to develop the kind of brand everyone talks about

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Focused work to help you build the strategy, systems, and team to achieve breakthrough results

An entertaining and interactive presentation       for conferences and meetings

  Peter Harrison | CEO    Snagajob

Peter Harrison | CEO



"Mike is smart, energetic and entertaining.

He knows how to engage a large group of strangers and turn them into a tribe in a short space of time."

  Jenny L. |    Event Planner PeopleMatter

Jenny L. |  Event Planner PeopleMatter

"Mike takes keynote speaking to the next level. He kicked off our annual customer conference, Collaborate '16, and not only brought his wealth of expertise, energy and enthusiasm, but also actionable advice that our attendees could take home with them to start improving their business immediately. Mike also did a great job of giving his keynote, “Culture Kitchen: Recipes for Building a Great Brand" a personalized feel; he arrived in town early to take photos around Charleston, so he could share what he found interesting about our event city. Mike even sent a promo video a few weeks before the event…something we had not even discussed!

Our attendees loved him, and as the event organizer, I enjoyed every moment of working with Mike."


"Mike is a fantastic, captivating speaker!

He has an incredible ability to relate to the crowd, get them comfortable, and engage directly as if it were a one-on-one conversation. At PeopleMatter's Collaborate Conference, he was the speaker to kick off the entire event.

He set the tone and got people excited about the coming days!"

  Alex F.  |  Talent Acquisition Manager Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurants

Alex F.  |  Talent Acquisition Manager Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurants

  Mickey S. | Director, Sales       ChowNow

Mickey S. | Director, Sales       ChowNow

"I’ve never seen someone that can capture the attention of a crowd quite like him and make people say, “I want more”. 

When Mike takes the stage to speak people are drawn to his energy and he has a way of connecting with the audience that makes his message really stick. 

And to be honest, I’ve never sat through a full training where I’ve said, “I want to do that again,” but with Mike, I’ve sat through his multiple times and it keeps getting better. 

 I promise, you will walk away better from your experience with him. He inspires people to be better and connects with them in a way that leaves a lasting impression."

"Through creative exercises, improvisation and communication training, I saw the team buy into the message immediately. Every agent left the meetings with a greater sense of pride in their role at the company and empathy for our restaurant partners. We saw an immediate improvement in our customer satisfaction scores as well as agent morale because they felt more closely aligned with our clients and understood their needs. 

Mike also lead fantastic leadership training sessions for our executive team. We already had a solid group of high performers, but Mike guided us to communicate better in ways we hadn't considered. He helped us build stronger trust as a leadership team. 

Mike's skills are a must for any executives looking to help employees or management build better trust and communication towards improved performance and identity."

  Eric R.  |  SR Director, Customer Care                   The Black Tux

Eric R.  |  SR Director, Customer Care                   The Black Tux

  Lisa C.  |  Founder                   Lead Through Strengths

Lisa C.  |  Founder                   Lead Through Strengths

"Get this guy at your event as soon as you can.

He brings depth and wisdom as a seasoned exec. Instead of flaunting his experiences, he pulls people in with his easy style, wit, and grace. From your front line to your leadership team, Mike can help you transform your culture, create 'moments' for your customers, and energize your team.

He is one of the most engaging speakers I've seen."


Culture Matters!


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