Rainbow Sales & Marketing Brings Mike Ganino to the Rainbow Buying Spree in Hawaii

He brought incredible energy to the stage, the presentations, and most importantly the audience which is something we could not have done as well ourselves.
— Joceyln Mangan, Chief Operating Officer, Snagajob
Mike knows how to put on a show. He knows how to educate in a way that leaves people feeling excited and ready to take on the world.
— Analisa Terenzio, Director of Marketing, Roti Mediterranean Market
Mike is a fantastic, captivating speaker! He has an incredible ability to relate to the crowd, get them comfortable, and engage directly as if it were a one-on-one conversation.
— Alex Fishman, Talent Acquisition Manager, Cooper’s Hawk Winery
Mike got the team re-energized and focused. He is very enthusiastic and engaging. He speaks in a way that everyone can understand. You walk away with really tangible things to focus on and think about in order to grow
— Liz Brumm, Chief of Staff, Cooper’s Hawk Restaurant and Winery

The Art of Disruption:

Where Innovation Really Comes From

As a successful hospitality executive and global speaker + consultant, Mike Ganino has worked with hundreds of teams full of creative buzz and big ideas. So why so some of them tap into their imagination to create disruptive drivers of growth and innovation while others are consistently 10 steps behind?  The answer: the best companies have a system to put their team’s creativity into practical outputs – something Mike discovered by building the teams, leaders, and companies that have collectively raised over $300 millions in funding.  As a professional improvisation actor (think Whose Line Is It Anyway? or Saturday Night Live), Mike blends the improvisational qualities of a theater ensemble with disruptive business savvy to deliver a completely fresh approach to on unleashing creativity in the organization -- think better service, think new products, think more sales.  His engaging presentation delivers real-world tools that can be used immediately to increase creative output and deliver bottom-line results.  You’ll learn to:

  • Use specific techniques to harness your most powerful ideas
  • Connect with your customers, partners, and team in a way that drives bottom-line results
  • Apply creativity on a daily basis across all business activities and roles
  • Break free from the three biggest blockers of creativity
  • Apply best practices from the world’s most innovative companies
  • Avoid the five biggest creativity killers
  • Master the three most powerful brainstorming techniques that you’ve never even heard of
  • Build a culture that celebrates fresh thinking and embraces new ideas

Check out some testimonials about working with Mike!

I’ve never sat through a full training where I’ve said, ‘I want to do that again,’ but with Mike, I’ve sat through his multiple times and it keeps getting better.
I wish other organizations, companies, groups, etc. could get to experience what Mike has to offer just for a day. I promise, you will walk away better from your experience with him.
— Mickey Sparrow -- Director of Sales, ChowNow

About Mike

Mike Ganino delivers inspiring and actionable keynotes to drive meaningful outcomes worldwide. He's got that perfect balance between energizing and practical; entertaining and result-focused; fun and impactful. As a keynote speaker, Bestselling Author, successful hospitality executive, tech industry advisor, and well-respected improv actor, Mike blends deep, real-world experience with a magnetic stage presence to help people, teams, and organizations thrive in the new economy. Every talk is customized to deliver the biggest possible impact, combining engaging stories, gorgeous visuals, and practical techniques that push audiences to jumpstart their creative energy and solve challenges in fresh, innovative ways. 

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