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A great team culture starts with great storytelling. 

Engaged teams thrive on a compelling version of the future -- something that helps them understand what success looks like for them and for your brand. 

I was a guest on Engage with Story where I shared how to use story to build a stronger company culture. Something I go in depth about in my upcoming book, Company Culture for Dummies. 

In this episode:

  • The power of crafting and communicating the right stories to build a strong corporate culture
  • We break down the key things that so many in business are failing to do to foster strong teams
  • Differentiate these key things in your industries
  • Learn the pitfalls of making culture mistakes
  • I will provide some actionable and practical advice that we can all use to tell better company culture stories immediately in our businesses.


Learn to create the kind of future story?

Grab my cheatsheet for crafting your compelling future story to fire up your team, boost your brand, and thrill your customers!