Mike Ganino is a motivational genius. I will be forever grateful for Mike’s contributions to my professional growth
— Scott Gregerson -- CEO
Having recently transitioned into a new leadership role, I felt much more comfortable navigating the turbulent waters of management with Mike’s guidance and coaching! It’s one of my proudest accomplishments this year and I couldn’t have done it without his mentorship.
— Melissa Lui -- Sales Manager

One-on-One Coaching

Looking to boost your presentation skills?

Want to have a bigger impact on your team?

Getting ready for a big interview?

Striving to be a little more "in-the-moment" each day?

Need to boost your sales pitch? 

Everyone is working to boost and improve  their communication skills. Mike has coached everyone from chief executives, public speakers, engineers, doctors, interior designers, real estate agents, sales and front-line managers.

No matter the industry; no matter the role; no matter the project -- the rules stay the same. 

It's all about connecting, listening, and co-creating something great. 

Mike has worked on: 

  • interview prep
  • sales pitch creation/enhancement
  • keynotes + public speaking gigs
  • media coaching
  • leadership presence

Want some one-on-one coaching via Skype or Facetime? 

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Mike is a fantastic person and I’d work with him again in a heartbeat. Mike understood not only what we needed at the time, but also where the company was headed. He changed the way worked together because of his energy and enthusiasm. I learned a lot from him and he made a real difference at the company
— Mary Davenport -- Project Manager